We are a family based Irish company from Co. Wexford. Our ethos is to protect the environment that both ourselves and our kids live in . We are passionate about how we as a company can help to put an end to thousands of old and used mattresses being dumped in Ireland on a continual basis


Our two main objectives we set out to do while creating this company was to create a luxury mattress.

(1) That is made from 100% Eco Foam.  

(2)  Collect and 100% recycle your old and used mattress for free . 

We have achieved this with your support .


Already established as a premium consumer mattress brand, the ARAN range has undergone a major redesign to offer the latest innovation and technologies to a broader customer base. Major investment in new technologies in the new ARAN collection signals the company’s commitment to establish the brand as a leader in Ireland’s consumer mattress market, with a 10 year guarantee as standard.